databases :

- Internet Movie Database : : premiere site covering over 140,000 film titles. Peculiar transliterations of Cyrillic (Russian, Bulgarian, Serb) names / titles makes certain searches very hard to perform. Lately getting progressively worse, larded with ads and "enhancements", while useful features (country searches, matching of several names, etc.) all but gone. Still worthwhile if you can brave sticking mouse, courtesy of overloaded script.
- Database page of the PWSTiF Lodz Film School web site :
- Databases of Czechoslovak films : &
- : go straight to the query page of this sketchy and slow Polish film site. Nevertheless, it shows (most of) film titles distributed in Poland after WW2.
collections, institutions & directories :
- Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie (Wilanow Poster Museum) : : founded 4.VI 1968, making it the oldest in the World. An outstanding collection of posters, beautifully set in a park pavillon next to the baroque Jan III Sobieski' royal palace just outside Warsaw. Now with a long-overdue new look for their web site.
- National Museum in Poznan : : frequent poster exhibits and a nice collection; well worth the visit in person, but nothing online.
- Muzeum Kinematografii w Lodzi : : again, nothing online but a must-see if you're in Hollylodz, if only for the location that doubled as one of film sets in Wajda's "Ziemia obiecana".
- Archiwum Panstwowe w Zamosciu : : small online collection of film posters
- Gallery of film posters from the Polish National Film Archives (Filmoteka Narodowa) in Warsaw : : huge online gallery of Polish film posters, both 'real' (pre-1989) and newer (non-designer)
- Rene Wanner's Poster Page : : superb private collector's site; well-written and informed, with good links to events & exhibits.
- Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Los Angeles : extensive collection of Polish posters with Western theme. Unfortunately, not many trickled down to their Web page : or go straight to archive here (keyword : Polish movie poster)
- Wilson Connecticut State University / CIAA : a small collection of largely 70s and later posters.
- Poster Archive of the MAK ( Austrian Museum of Applied / Contemporary Art ) : : about 200 Polish posters among the 500 or so in the "film" category.
- Lahti Poster Museum (no Web gallery)
- Ogaki Poster Museum : very few notes on past exhibitions.
- DePaul Art Museum in Chicago : : small (about 200) collection of Polish posters here
- R.I.T. Wallace Library Polish Poster Collection : about 450 posters in the museum collection.
- not online : Polish Poster Foundation, Warsaw, ul. St. Kostki Potockiego 10/16, tel./fax +48 22 858 24 37, +48 22 842 26 06, e-mail :
commercial sites (for what it's worth, better web sites with good selection, many photos and/or good prices - are indicated with an *) :
- Antiquaariat Rene Krul (Amsterdam) : : about 100 newer film posters.
- "At the Movies" Internet store from UK : : at last check, about 75 pricey pieces from 50s to the 80s
- : : Barewalls Movie and Polish Posters and Prints + sister site FreeArt
* Chisholm Larsson Gallery (NY): : excellent collection of many better works, mid- to high prices. Be cautious of occassional name & title mistakes.
- CineImages (Paris) : : 80+ titles, mostly 70s in the E 100-200+ range, peppered with some nice rarities.
- : a site in Germany with mostly 80s and 90s.
- : small eshop / blog focused on Czech (Czechoslovakian) original vintage movie posters.
- Dominique Besson Affiches : Meyrargues, France; tiny selection of medium priced, high end Polish posters.
- - 20+ posters, mostly 70s.
- : search this Berlin site for occasional cheap 70s.
- - few, recent and expensive.
- Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu, Warsaw : - a few posters lost between paintings and artists prints.
* Galeria Plakatu Krakow : : from prominent collector, Mr Krzysztof Dydo; mostly later works.
- Galeria Plakatu Warsaw : : 80s and 90s with a few 60s thrown in. Low prices for newer pieces.
- Greg Edwards' store in Greenwich, UK : - about 50 posters from 40s to 80s.
* Intemporel Gallery in Paris : : 100+ vintage works, inexpensive.
* KinoArt : - a new site in Germany, good selection of 450+ mid-priced posters, some classics but mostly recent.
- : in Zurich. +- 150 pieces, mostly mid- to high-priced 70s, with a few semi-classic bargains.
- L'imagerie Gallery in North Hollywood : a few on web site, many more in stock.
* MPA Gallery in Rutherford, NJ : : 50+ choice classic posters at reasonable prices.
* MR Polish Posters (Santa Fe): : great many examples, heavy towards several artists (Cieslewicz, Swierzy, Starowieyski & Flisak) with good pix but a lot of misspellings and surprisingly bad dating, particularily of the earlier (pre-70s) pieces. High prices for hard-to-find top posters.
- - 50+ film posters on this Toulouse site.
- : some low-priced 70s pieces.
- The Nostalgia Factory in Boston : : beware of Polish versions of 90s Hollywood ads for movies, amid which some real (designer) posters hide. If it's past 1989 and $ 10-20, forget it.
* Philip Williams Posters : : in Tribeca. A huge gallery with incredible selection of all things poster, including sizable Polish collection. Their web site is being completely overhauled, showing only (increasing) fraction of their inventory.
- Pigasus Gallery in Berlin : well over 1000 mostly newer works.
* Polish Posters Shop : - good selection and rock-bottom prices if searching for 80s and 90s - a discount warehouse approach (yes, they got a "basket" and "product list"), but look hard for some bargain 60s and 70s.
- Poster Fair : : an omnibus page with many dealers of vintage posters. Of these, Poster America has occasional finds.
* Posteritati Online Movie Posters : : database with some 500+ Polish film posters available for sale, 50s to 80s. The usual suspects litany of misspelled titles & names and wrong dates. Very high prices. Located in SoHo.
- Projekt 26 gallery in London, original vintage posters :
* The Reel Poster Gallery in London W2, original vintage posters : : around 40-50 works in their database.
- Terry Posters in Prague, Czech Republic : : sizable collection (1500 +) of hard to navigate-to Polish posters (so let me save you the trouble). Only a fraction for sale. That in addition to more than 8.000 of Czech film posters. "The Terry Posters is both traditional and online shop run by the Union Film Ltd. and people who manage two Prague biggest art cinemas, Aero and Svõtozor".
- Weidman Gallery in L.A. : : some Polish titles lost in the mix.
- not online : Eastern European Art Co., ph.970-963-8789, email :
artists Web sites :
- Danuta Baginska-Andrejew : (in Dutch)
- Hanna Bakula : (in Polish)
- Bohdan Butenko : (in Polish)
- Antoni Chodorowski memory site : (in Polish)
- Andrzej Dudzinski (PL/GB)
- Stasys Eidrigevicius : (in English)
- Mieczyslaw Gorowski : (in Polish)
- Cyprian Koscielniak : (in English)
- Andrzej Krajewski : (in English)
- Piotr Kunce : (in English)
- Zuzanna Lipinska : (PL/GB)
- Andrzej Mleczko : (in Polish)
- Jan Niksinski : (PL/D/GB)
- Rafal Olbinski : (in English)
- Andrzej Pagowski : (PL/GB)
- Wieslaw Rosocha : (GB/CHI/J)
- Jan Sawka : (in English)
- Wojciec Siudmak : (GB/F/PL)
- Wieslaw Walkuski : (in Polish)
- Mieczyslaw Wasilewski : (PL/GB)
- Zbigniew Warpechowski : (PL/GB)
auctions & classifieds :
- Sotheby's auctions :  : hard to navigate, must call them for catalogs of past auctions if to be of any use.
- Christie's auctions :  :  rather confusing site but provides auction results by individual titles instead of anonymous lot # s.
- Bonhams : an UK- based auction site :
- Bruce Hesherson's Movie Posters : : does most selling in no-reserve monthly batches of 100 - 500+ posters, some of them Polish.
- Heritage Auction Galleries : : occasional finds and good prices for less-popular titles.
- Poster connection : vintage posters at auction and through online gallery : + Auction Room : Vintage posters (info on upcoming auctions) :
- Allegro : Polish aution site with some vintage (read : pre-1995) posters sold online by small collectors and several dealers. Prices in zloty (PLN) so check exchange rate & go straight to the "stare plakaty" ('old posters') category :; recent "improvements" no longer allows sorting reproductions from originals, thus be prepared for countless pages of junk.
- Ebay : Hacker-prone, impossible to navigate, thieving site misbegotten by idiot salesmen aided by monkeys. Their obligatory Paypal payment "service" may attach itself to your money. For masochists or penitents :
category : Art : Posters :
category : Memorabilia : Movie : Posters : Non US :
category : Memorabilia : Movie : Posters : General :
- Amazon : - Bozo Bezos* Slave Farm is a hit or (mostly) miss proposition. A very occasional find amongst the countless reprints.
[* "World boss Jeff Bezos, one of those guys who absolutely believes in his unparalleled ability to make the planet a better place. Although not by doing little-people stuff such as paying tax, or decent wages, or taking steps so that his warehouse workers don't have to piss in bottles to avoid getting the sack. Big stuff, you know. We should definitely trust him". Thanx, Marina Hyde for that apt description]
articles (some links could be obsolete) :
- "The Polish Poster" by Danuta Boczar, 'Art Journal' 44 (1984), 16-27. Brief illustrated history of Polish poster art.
- "Polish Poster and Western Films" by Frank Fox
- "Post No Bills" by Anna Husarska, 'The New Yorker' 69 (1-10-94), 62-65.
- "American Films in Polish Posters" :
- interesting insights on the nitty gritty of Polish poster design in late 60s by Zuzanna Lipinska :
- "Polish Movie Posters" by Michael Atkinson :
video :
- "Freedom on the Fence : A Digital Documentary Project" (in progress).
Net articles & blogs :
- : Smashing Magazine article by Andrea Austoni.
- : Selection of posters by Andrew Lindstrom in a popular blog site.
-,302,19350,1,1,Artysci-plakatu.html : Concise and precise history and analysis. In Polish.
- : good overview of the subject. In Polish.
- : general info on vintage posters
- : overview
- : new minimalism v. Polish posters
- : bad cats and cute kitties
- : Polish posters for Australian films

The "weird / funny / wrong idea" category : ("Airplane", "Tootsie" and "Alien" featurnig prominently, with "Weekend at Bernie's" the all-time hit) :
- : things lost in translation
- : more on the subject

newsgroups & Usenet :
- MoPo mailing list; go to : and follow instructions. Daily emails from dealers buying or selling (mostly) US posters.
bibliography :
- "A Century of Posters" by Martijn F. Le Coultre and Alston W. Purvis, V+K Publ., NL, 2003. An overview of XX Century European poster design.
- "Ah! Film posters in Poland" by Dorota Folga-Januszewska (concept, text, editor), Maria Kurpik (poster selection), Justyna Czerniakowska and Lech Majewski (design), published by Bosz, Lesko (PL) (2010) ; 240 pages, 24 x 33 cm, 537 color reproductions ; hardcover; in english; ISBN 978-83-7576-059-1; a polish edition "Ach! Plakat filmowy w Polsce" ISBN 978-83-7576-049-1, is also available.
- "Contemporary Polish Posters in Full Color" by Joseph S.Czestochowski, NY Dover Publ., 1979. 46 color plates + some biographies.
- "Katalog polskich plakatow filmowych", Filmoteka Narodowa, Warsaw; yearly : 1972-89.
- "Jan Mlodozeniec" edited by Andrzej Stroka; Armarium, Warsaw, 6-2000; with texts by Zdzislaw Schubert and a cv by Jan Mlodozeniec; 160 pages, about 130 color illustrations, many full page; 25 x 32 cm; hardcover; ISBN 83-913481-1-3; in Polish and English.
- "Muzeum ulicy" by the Poster Museum in Wilanow, Warsaw, 1996. Over 300 illustrations, essays and biographies.
- "Polish Graphic Arts and Posters" by Ksawery Piwocki, Warsaw, 1966.
- "Polski plakat filmowy" by Krzysztof Dydo, Krakow, 1996. In Polish and English. History, essays, 800+ color illustrations and comprehensive bibliography.
Also by Mr Dydo : "Mistrzowie polskiej sztuki plakatu", Bielsko-Biala, Buffi, 1995 & "100 lat polskiej sztuki plakatu", BWA Krakow, 1993. In English and Polish, with substantial sections on film posters, essays, biographies, etc.
- "Plakatkunst in Polen", Das Landesmuseum Meinz, 1975.
- "Polish Posters" by Frank Fox : in "Posters : Identification and Price Guide" by Tony Fusco, 2nd ed., Avon Books, NY, 1994. Also in "The Poster : A Worldwide Survey and History" by Alain Weill, G.K.Hall, Boston, 1985.
- "Polish Posters : Combat on Paper, 1960-90" by Frank Fox, Katonah Museum, NY State, 1996.
- "Polski plakat filmowy" by Tadeusz Kowalski, Filmowa Agencja Wydawnicza, Warsaw, 1957.
- "Western amerykanski" by Kevin Mulroy, Autry Museum of Western Heritage, LA, 1999. Essays and 159 illustrations on Polish posters with Western theme.
Fun :
Polish films in the US :
- The Society for Arts : - 33 Annual Polish Film Festival in Chicago, November 2021
- 22 Annual Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles (North Hollywood, CA) : - October 2021.
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